How long does the bride will be ready for marriage??:- 

Bride can be ready to fly to our client’s country 30 days after chosen by our client.

How is the 4 installment payment make??:-

We will collect the 1st payment upon confirmation of our package which air ticket will be purchase immediate base our client’s chosen date of departure.

We will collect the 2nd payment 3 days before the departure date from Singapore to Ho Chi Minh City.

We will collect the 3rd payment upon confirmation of the bride in Vietnam.

We will collect the 4th payment upon bride arrival in Singapore in airport when the bride is going for solemnization with our client.

What if we are not able to get the bride during the trip??:-

Should our client is not able to get the bride during the trip, we will continue to get photos for our client to choose from with the 3rd & 4th payment delay till our client has confirmed the bride. Should there is necessary, we will plan the subsequent trip for our client with just some add-on in continue to seeking the right/suitable bride.

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